Beau, a puppy's tale

BEAU, a Puppy's Tale

A Children's Book aimed at helping kids overcome bullying and gain self-esteem
Written and illustrated by Janice Marie Cook


  • Wow every school should have this book
    This book is a wonderful must read for all ages. The topics of bullying and self-esteem issues are wonderfully addressed through the eyes of Beau.It doesn't matter if your 5 or 105 you will enjoy this enchanting story. As a retired educator i am asking all schools to have this available in their library.
  • Perfect book for reading aloud and teaching your kid to read
    This tale is the sort of thing my father read aloud to me as I was learning to read, and it's perfect for the next generation to pass along to their kids for the same purpose, especially if you have a puppy in the family.
    Stephen C (RI, US)
  • All children can relate to this book
    I loved this book it was very touching and made me see lots of myself in the character, thank you for a great reading experience and thank you for helping me.